…I could really need after the sofa felt on my head and the curses about the single life. Please enjoy the healing sounds and words of the following movie:


Nayana Veritas

Timeless wisdom

October 7, 2010

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Warm Regards,

Nayana Veritas

Activity measures

August 30, 2010

1. to call friends, who have noticeable time for you I

2. to go for a nice walk in the nature

3.to meditate

4. to modell with paper I

5. to do handicrafts

6. to read a nice book at a comfortable place

7. to write a blog or a letter

8. to clean up I

9. to clean the car

10. to try out cooking or baking recepies

11. to go to a liberary I

12. to go to an exhibition

13. to go to the ballet

14. to look for the contact to spiritual people

15. to go to a lecture

16. to help someone

17. to try out computer games

18. to clean the windows

19. to borrow a DvD

20. to colour the nails

21. to have a foot bath

22. to put on a face mask

23. to massage the head with oil

24. to go for cycling

25. to go for jogging I

26. to swim

27. to play soccer

28. to make snaps

29. to improve your self-worth (flowers, some new clothes, one glas of whine,…) I

30. to draw something I

31. to go to the cinema

32. to do Yoga

33. to make something crazy (e.g. to stand on your head and try to drink from this position, to live one day without using your hands, to walk to the city completely pink dressed up or to try out one day dressed up as a man 😉 )

For all of you who are interested in the spread of positiv energy.

Have fun…

100/0 Principle | 100/0 Principle.

Delusive dissimulation

August 13, 2010

Waits on every corner hidden from

I keep myself forbidden

the sound of honey-sweet easiness

but the emulation is frowned upon.

To escape from the eagle’s claws

and to sun in self control

this goal belongs to the power

smiling alone in the mirror’s reflective shower.

Like this will you learn the striving

of the giving untiring

from the already empty barrel ?

When will we fill it?

and dress in the warmth of truth a bit?

Does justice carry your name?

The nuns (part 1)

June 11, 2010

 I was thinking yesterday, which article I can offer my readers this weekend, a new occasion arose today out of nowhere. Again I’m forced to visit the holy nuns next to us. In fact months before they had promised me that I do not have to go there against my will, but naturally that was only a lie (like many others too).

I decided to put up a brave front, after the disputation with my father, where I have been titled as the source of his next heart attack, as a bad religion teacher and where I have been screamed at for my embarrassing behaviour. But not without addressing a few integration questions to my readers of this situation, which opened my eyes. I have to add that the dispute was followed by a verbal heave-ho of my younger brother. Earlier on there was a  talk on the  telephone with my father, where I had agreed to come to the nuns. Though I had the impudence to say, that I will not be participating in the mass, made him furious. The main content was not to meet the nuns, primarily goal was to present the daughter as a right believing catholic beside the already well caring junior.

Naturally until now any kind of apology is missing for all these words against me. That is also not necessary, because I’m occupying the last position in the Indian authority order. Honestly observed the reaction of my brother is not extraordinary for a male, Indian family member. The Indian man has to make the woman compliant, he has to dominate her and he has to protect his parents as godly before all evil. In case of doubt they have to be protected  from disobeying family members.

Though it is unusual that the brother is someone, who has grown up in Germany. He went to school and to university here. How can it  happen that someone seems to be integrated in the national society, but decides to guide his life far away from his environment, in which he is actually living? Do we live parallel to each other? Are we not more communicating with human beings? Are we holding the lonely hearts to less? How can you keep someone grounded and improve integration?

One more thought is occupying my head: How can you make the temptation after the dominance over the woman, after the omnipresent rightness and attention for a young man unattractive? The seduction of the patriarchy isn’t present only for the young Indian man. Also many Europeans are not feeling reluctant about this cultural advantage.

Wonderful journey

June 11, 2010

The morning sun finds rest in the evening. Like this every sorrow and every delight will pass. The crocodile tears find consolation after they have learned to recognize themselves again in the mirror’s reflection. The law of time knows it so.  Mr. and Mrs. Happiness return with their wings from the land of weightlessness.

On this roller coaster you meet human beings, who leave a magical trace of warmth behind. Long-forgotten these human beings bring the talent of  healing with them. With a love, which is only motivated from giving without any desire or expectations, then it gifts you hope and strength. The pain is not forgotten, but the affection and the belief encourage you.

The connection with angelic pillars doesn’t know direction and even the doorways cannot point you in the right direction. It is more like a support waiting for you in the front line of the crossroads.

Who wants to hear in today’s time the pain of suffering? Would it be not funnier and easier to join the conversation of laughing human beings?Except the  talent of healing, the wonder walls have the capability of listening. They put balsam on our encrusted wounds.

Many friendly companions I have met on my journey. A few soul mates still offer their helping hand. Because of that I had last weekend the pleasure to live in an apartment, although the inhabitant herself wasn’t there at this point of time.

To hold the hand of your fellow-man, a heartily hug or a friendly word…what a great proof of love!?

In the ocean of tears human being walked with me in cadence, without belittling, just to be there, just for the sake of giving. They spare neither efforts nor pains to cuddle me, to show me light and to enrich me with their sincerity.

When I have thoughts of abandon an affirmation always flows into me  to heal me and my thoughts of helplessness disappear. Now the mirror picture was again apparent. Far away lives a flower.  With the magical saying „I love you“, she is able to close any wound. She knows that this is not a part of my life’s way and just because of that, she is not tired to mention it again and again.

In LOVE for A, B, Chr, Chi and M.

The neglected old woman is on the permanent hunt after attention. Her primary goal is to put herself in the center of the talk during family or friends meetings. Mostly this works through dominant talk leadership.

The neglected woman looks for the verbal confirmation in questions of clothing, in praising „exemplary“ christians and flavourful questions of food items. The interlocutor has the agony of choice to give the agreement in a polite, always supporting and hearable tone.

In the typical female competition the juvenile flaw of the daughter, her opposite behavior, her talk reservation, her disinterest in the “right” christian ritual madness is a peculiar thorn in her side.

The ambition to present the younger one in front of family members and friends as a minor, bad and worthless creature will have agreement requited from family and friends with success. Like this it works to relieve yourself from the self cultivated misery of marriage after many years. Now you can stand straight in the artificial light.

Source of the misery first is the not existing affection of the husband. We can not explain from outside why the husband refuses the affection. But the fact is that until now the affection is not existing. 

All the more thankful you are about two things. The first one is the ritual adherence. The man has agreed to follow the wife’s track into religion, because only over this way he gets the appreciation of his partner. You collect common talk stuff, judge in unison and you enjoy the new hobby activity. The second point is another common ground. Thankfully you have recognized the thorn, the hindrance of all evil and you announced this family member as an unpalatable parasite.

Hot-water bottle of  mine,

warming me every evening so fine.

Without you a night,

is like a day without light.

Your red fleece, like velvet soft,

cuddlesome comfort.

Safe and secure in the bed

banished are the cold sorrows, Red!

So full of  warmth and confidence,

escaped the loneliness evidence.

A never ever reunion should be the rhyme,

because I can wriggle with you any time.

You rescue the frostbite

from the german winter kite.

Falling stars of thanks are blinking,

to the land of dreams we are shrinking. 

The evening view

If you believe the „source“ W….IKNOWITALL, then the use of flasks is registered in the 8th century, where they are mentioned first time in the liturgy. Previous there were hot made stones, which were wrapped in a cloth.

From the 16th century onward the hot water bottles were made of a variety of materials, such as zinc, copper, glass, earthenware or wood. The rubber bottles are the product of the 20th century.

Fork in the road

May 18, 2010

These past weeks I’m thinking about the words of my dear friend. We discussed on the phone about how to care for a friendship.

Basically we both hold the same view about the need fort the joint action, but I was confused about the words: “Actually people only call you mostly, if they are not keeping well.”

Does this mean that you follow the dependency approach only in emergency situations? Do you forget the friend in times of peace and happiness? Do I by myself turn to my friends only in awkward circumstances?.

Speechlessness was the dumfounded reaction. A true friend is whom you can ask suddenly for help and on who one I can count anytime. This thought is clear, but I was still thinking about this talk I had with my friend, in the past weeks repeatedly…

Suddenly a new door opened: Probably the words were used in the wrong way. Maybe a totally different thought was standing behind the statement. It could be understood as a big compliment, if you seek out of trust your friend’s help in difficult times. Shouldn’t we feel honoured that a person wants to share his sorrows with us?

A fork in the road is visible for us:

1. Thought: In difficult moments I can count on my dear friend.

2. Thought: Only in the misery I will seek the contact to my friend.

cocoa and milk: two friends for life

The observer decides, which train of thoughts he wants to follow. Some might see a derogative value, if you look for the closeness of the friend merely in desperate situations. Whereas others feel rejected, if we don’t want their advice or help in depressive phases. How do we have to decide now? Should we seek the support of the friend in the misery or should we hold out in silence alone? No one wants to become a burden for anyone.

Essential for the description of the „2 thoughts way” is the different use of the language. The diverse ways of expressing show that there is a positive aswell as a negative language representation option. The auditor decides, which way he likes to follow. Language embodies the motive of the statement, but at the end the receptor is in charge of the decoding.

We can enjoy the freedom of choice to decide. We can decide to accept or not to accept. If we decide to accept the positive, benevolent point of view, then we pave the way of transformation. Through this conscious decision we take part active in the transformation of life. You decide, if the main goal of the life journey is to transform life and to modify life’s energy in a giving manner.

After the first reservation I have decided to consider it as a great honour, that the person, who is seeking for help, is turning towards me his plight. The door for appreciation has been opened.

»I wish to thank someone for his help, an angel, who is far away, but so close by heart.«